Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Iron Atrocity Video Show: Episode 2

The Iron Atrocity Video Show
Episode 2
Featuring: Aftermath AD, Crown the Lost, and Hero Destroyed

Pittsburgh Metal is an awesome thing.  There are so many people who are doing absolutely everything possible to promote the scene.  Some people in particular I'd like to mention are Scott Massie, Craig Anderson, and Joe Stammerjohn.  These guys are working their fingers to the bone and are turning their brains into liquid every month, and most people don't even know it.  

Scott Massie is the voice of Storm King and runs Innervenus Records.  Craig Anderson has played in various local bands, most recently Neverending Misery, as well as running a website called  Joe Stammerjohn plays in A Prior I as well as Directing/Shooting videos with Eye to the Sky Films.  These three together, with the help of Christopher Woodford, have started a monthly video show featuring local music videos. (Forgive me if I left something out, or screwed up a detail.)

This my friends, is awesomeness.  Watch it, spread it to your friends like a disease, show your mom, play it for your schools show-and-tell day.  Do something with it...


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